May 20, 2024

Logistics Cluster Assessment for Ethiopia

The Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) is a long-standing tool of WFP Logistics. Since 2008, it has provided an important source of information related to the logistics infrastructure and services in a given country. It is a tool for organizing that information in a standard way across multiple countries and a means of sharing that information both within WFP and with the humanitarian community globally.

LCAs provide logisticians with fundamental, baseline logistics information, to ensure the following objectives can be met:

  1. Support for Contingency Planning activities
  2. Preparation of Emergency Response Operational Plans
  3. Improving resource requirements assessments at planning stage of an emergency response
  4. Reducing overall response time and accessibility in the delivery of humanitarian aid
  5. Decrease cost of transportation at onset and over the course of the operation
  6. Facilitate the transition from Relief to Rehabilitation and Development
  7. Provide detailed briefing material for relief staff unfamiliar to the region