June 21, 2024

About Us

In August 2007, the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic’s Ministry of Transportation established the former Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA) under Proclamation No.549/2007. The Ministry of Transportation vested EMAA with the responsibility and authority to ensure the standards of Ethiopia’s maritime training and seafarer certification, marine & dry ports, and transport logistics infrastructure. EMA is a Transport Ministry agency, managed by the Office of the Director-General. The Authority is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and operates separate departments for the accreditation of training centers & seafarer certification, registration of Ethiopia’s national fleet, and maritime security and safety.


Ethiopian Maritime Authority is governmental regulatory body established as proclamation No. 549/2007 and changed its name as per proclamation No. 1263/2021


To make Ethiopia the leading logistics performer in Africa and one of the five supplying seafarer nations in the world by 2030.


  • Transform the logistics system and benefit from the blue economy by:
  • Improving the legal frame work and polices of the maritime and logistic sector .
  • Enhance the efficiency of shipping and logistics operators.
  • Laying a robust logistics foundation by creating seamless customs and transit system and by facilitating business and finance system related to the sector.
  • Building logistics infrastructure.
  • Ensuring that registered vessels are safe and seafarers are qualified and satisfied.
  • Laying strong seafarers marketing strategy and 
  • Enabling the regulatory capacity of the sector.


  • International competitiveness
  • Transformation
  • Team Spirt
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Safety first
  • Coordinated system
  • Effectiveness


  • Ensure that the transport operations and movement of goods and import and export of the country are economical; plan, coordinate and enforce such operation.
  • Reduce the transit time of import export of goods, and coordinate the concerned Government bodies to care for goods at port.
  • Seek ways and means for the promotion and development of multimodal transport, marine transport, in-land water transport and ensure the availability of uninterrupted resource of skilled man power in the maritime sector for the country;
  • To implement obligations and rights of Ethiopia under international maritime conventions.
  • Strive tom make Ethiopia seafarers’ nation.

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