June 21, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the need to establish Ethiopia Maritime Authority (EMA) since Ethiopia is landlocked country?

    Ethiopian Maritime Authority has established to ensure the benefit of the country in international sea transport and maritime issues. More over as Ethiopia is a land locked nation; it has to have strong institution to ensure efficient sea port utilization. Therefore, EMA is working to have competitive sea ports in all corridors of the country.

  • What does the Maritime Administration do?

    Programs of the Maritime Administration promote the development and maintenance of an adequate Shipping line sufficient to carry the Nation’s domestic waterborne commerce and a substantial portion of its waterborne foreign commerce. The Maritime Administration also seeks to ensure that Ethiopia maintains inland water transport safety and job creation on international sea transport for youth.

  • What dose EMA in Logistics aspect?

    EMA has a responsibility to coordinate all stakeholders in foreign trade and set a mechanism to ensure smooth flow of import and export goods.

  • What is the difference between Ethiopian Maritime Authority (EMA) and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise (ESLSE)?

    EMA is government regulatory organization on maritime administration and import export logistics of the country; hence EMA set standards on the sector and check the implementations. Whereas ESLSE is government owned profitable business enterprise responsible for sea transport operation, port operation and road transport and dry port operations.