Djibouti, officially the Republic of Djibouti, is a country in the Horn of Africa, located on the west coast of the southern outlet of the Red Sea. It borders Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yemen.

  1. Capital  : Djibouti – DJ
  2. Telephone code  : +253
  3. President  : Ismail Omar Guelleh
  4. Population  : 872,932 (2013) World Bank
  5. Currency  : Djibouti Franc (FDj) has fixed parity with US Dollars
  6. Continent  : Africa
  7. ISO : DJ
  8. IMO : DJI


  • Djibouti Port

Port Authority : Port Autonome International de Djibouti
Address : BP 2107
Phone : +253 352331
Fax : +253 356187
Telex : 5836

  • Doraleh Container Sub Port

Port Web Site:

Port Name Company Physical Address Name & Title Email & Website Phone Number (office) and Fax Number Key Role

+ (253) 21 35 15 25

+(253) 21 35 59 56

Port Contact
General Manager REUBEN ABRONEE n/a + (253) 21 35 23 31 n/a
PORT DE DJIBOUTI OUGOUL Shipping n/a General Manager LIBAN HOUSSEIN n/a + (253) 21 35 23 31 n/a
PORT DE DJIBOUTI DP World Djibouti BP 2107 Djibouti Commercial Director Djama Ibrahim Darar n/a + (253) 21 35 23 31 n/a
PORT DE DJIBOUTI PORT DE DJIBOUTI n/a General Manager Saad Omar Guelleh n/a + (253) 21 35 23 31 n/a
PORT DE DJIBOUTI SDTV (Société Djiboutienne Terminal Vracier) n/a Chief Operating Officer Mr Franco Palandri n/a +253 2135 82 77 +253 77810241 n/a


Port infrastructure and services:

LC Port assessment :

General cargo

General Cargo Division manages and handles all non-containerized cargo operation, plans berth allocation and follows stevedoring activity and productivity.

GC also offers multiple advantages to shippers moving break-bulk, heavy and over dimensional project cargo a strategic central location to distribute to all points into Ethiopia

The port has adequate and specified berth to accommodate all type of vessels including dhows.

The activities of general cargo have expanded with the import and export of liquid bulk, dry bulk, break bulk, automobiles and livestock. The port has a large open storage capacity of 150.000 metric tons of steel.

For bulk terminal, three quays are exclusively dedicated to handle dry bulk: Wheat/Fertilizer/ Sorghum and Clinker. The rate of discharge rises above 8000 tons per day when using Silo because of huge storage capacity of 30.000 tons of wheat and 40.000 tons of fertilizer.

Yard Storage for break bulk, project cargo

Storage for vehicles at PK12

Dedicated area for Coal storage at PK12

All port premises are under control of GC except container terminal.

Warehouse (private and Port at ZF) with area at 135644m²  

The port master plan is composed of different storage areas and warehouses inside the port.

  • Private warehouse ZF
  • Port warehouse ZF
  • Vacant land ZF

Camel/cattle Standing Shed 

The livestock volume has risen from zero in 2004 to 590 187 heads of livestock in 2014.

Port Weighbridge at capacity 120 tonnes

General cargo also has a weighbridge for weighing various cargos with a calibration certificate

Two buffer areas

Buffer area for vehicle discharged from RORO before transfer from the Port to storage area at PK12 named (XTA) and buffer area for empty trucks coming from PK12 before dispatched to quays operation.

Container Terminal

The Container Terminal commissioned in 1985, has a total surface of 22 Hectars of yard in a fully enclosed facility that is ISO 28000 certified.Accessible by rail and road from various locations including Ethiopia, it is illustrating its aim of

Accessible by rail and road from various locations including Ethiopia, it is illustrating its aim of multipurpose facility.

The Port of Djibouti Container Terminal has a handling capacity of 350 000 TEU Per annum.
Reefer containers can be easily accommodated by 126 reefer plug points available in the yard.
Vessels of capacity up to 8000 TEU can be operated along the two berths of 400m.

Berth Characteristics and Equipment

  • Berth l (180m) offers a depth of 9.5m
  • Berth 2 (220m) has a depth of 12m.
  • RORO berth set for the operation of RORO vessels ·
  • Four (4) ships to shore cranes are available with a lifting capacity of 50T and an outreach of 40m.
  • Fully equipped with latest handling machineries (Reachstaker, Forklifts ,truks and trailers etc..)

Port tariffs:

Port statistics:

  1. SDTV SITREP, Daily:
    • WFP/LC Shipping snapshot

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      Bulk vessels Summary July 2019 17.56 KB 68 downloads


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    • Djibouti Daily Data Bearthing Report

      Important documents

        Shipping agents and lines

        S/N Company Name Addresse Telphone No. E.mail Address
        1 CMA CGM LINE Avenue Georges Clemenceau 00 253 21 32 00 80
        2 MSC LINE Palmier en Zinc 00 253 21 358018
        3 UASC LINE Place du 27 Juin  00253 21 35 66 69
        4 SAFMARINE LINE Rue De Marseille 00 253 21324690
        5 MAERSK LINE Rue de Genève, Immeuble Plein Ciel 00 253 21324690 n/a
        6 MESSINA LINE Rue de Genève, Immeuble Plein Ciel 00 253 35 36 84