General Information

Port Authority : Somali Ports Authority
Address : PO Box 141
Phone: +252-2-740224
Town : Berbera
Country : Somalia – SOM
Country time zone : +3
Port time zone : GMT +3
Port Web Site:
LC Berbera Ports assessment:

Opening time: 24/7

1st 07:00 hrs – 11:00 hrs,
2nd 14:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs,
3rd 19:00 hrs – 23:00 hrs,
23:00 hrs – 06:00 hrs (normally there are three shifts).


The Berbera sea Port is located on the south Coast of the Gulf of Aden at the Coordinate 10.26 degrees North and 45/1 Degrees East and is Approximately 250KM East of Djibouti. Ships from the red Sea approach Berbera towards the Southeast and those from the Gulf States turn Southwest.

The port foundation is traced back more than a hundred years, and the current place, a linear wharf of 300 meters, was established in 1968 by Soviet Union and expanded to a 350 meters linear wharf in 1984 by United States of America. Since then the port has developed numerous properties as well as constructions.

The Port’s task hasn’t changed over the years but its scope of services has expanded considerably. The port contributed significantly in the development of the Somaliland community.

Approach to Berbera Port

From Red Sea towards South East.

From the Gulf States towards South West.

Approach channel 30m, 20m, 18m and 15m in leading line.

Usual Wind Direction


Southwards from 220° degrees at approximately 20 knots.


Northwards from 330° degrees at approximately 13 knots. 

There are slight monthly variations except during the monsoon period of 15th June – 15th September.

The SW wind starts before midnight blowing very slowly until around noon the following day. It blows straight up the port resulting to wave action (1/2m waves). But, during the early afternoon and evening the water area of the port is calm. 

Water Level

Fluctuates between 0.7 – 2.2m going high and low tide.

Maximum depth 12m (27 ft).

Update: Unknown | Source: Logistics Cluster

Berbera Port Authority (Somaliland Government)

Main Office

Office Number: +252-2-740 198
Mobile Number: +252-63-444 6123

Port Control

Office Number: +252-2-740 333 

Mobile Number: +252-63-444 6157 

Security Office

Office Number: +252-2-740 444

Mobile Number: +252-63-444 6191


Office Number: +252-2-740 733

Mobile Number: +252-63-444 6154

Port infrastructure and services:

Berbera has two anchorages. The outer anchorages are 5 to 10 Cables from main lighthouse and it has a good turning circles. There is also an inner anchorage. There is a 650-Meter-Long linear wharf

Which has five (5) Liner Berth and one (1) Ro.Ro Berth. There Separate Jetties for Fuel Import or Ships bunker and for Fishing Pleasure Craft. Wind Direction is generally Southward From 220 degrees

At approximately 20 knots during the Moring hours and northward from 330 degrees at 13 Knots during the evening hours.

There are Very Slight monthly variations except during the monsoon period which occurs in July, August. each year.

Berbera Port facilities encompass more than 600 meters with Terminals for containers, general cargo office building and other properties.

The port also provides to its customers the following facilities.

  • Navigation aids
  • Communication stand by 24 hours’ radio operator on channel 16 and AIS
  • Sufficient number of pilot are available around clock.
  • Police and Port Security on internal and Perimeter, and gangway watch posted around the clock.
  • Trained Firefighting Crew equipped with portable pumps, water pumping Station with pipeline network is available to prevent fire. reach Stacker, tractor heads and trailers are available.
  • Mobile cranes, Forklift, reach stacker, tractor heads and trailers are available.
  • Fresh water Supply
  • Fuel Supplied by mobile tanker from oil terminal.
  • Port Workshop available for minor repairs to vessel and equipment.

Update: Unknown | Source: Berbera Port Web Site

Wharf / Berth

Linear wharf of 650m long with sufficient width.

5 liner berths of 125m each (nos. 1 to 5).

1 Ro-Ro berth of 25m long (no. 6).

The draft alongside wharf ranges from 9 to 12m (11m indicated)

The port can accommodate vessels up to 200m long.

There is a separate jetty for fuel imports with a direct link to petroleum depot. 

Berthing priority arrangements are possible to obtain mainly for livestock carriers and huge humanitarian aid cargo, following the consignee’s request.


24 hrs stand by radio operators on channel 16. Selected channels available for ship to shore or ship-to-ship voice traffic.

Direct international dialing/fax facilities available. GSM available for purchase between $5 to $20 per sim card and international dialing at approximately $1.50 per minute.


Compulsory for vessels over 200 NRT, with Pilot boats available for 24 hours.

Two small pilot boats are available although private boats can also be hired if required. There are two tugboats of which only one works both need replacement. 


Outer anchorage: 5 – 10 cables SW from lighthouse with good turning circle.

Inner anchorage: available.

Port Maintenance and Repairs

Port workshops available for minor repairs to vessels and equipment. Workshop facilities include an undercover machine shop with lathes, shaping machines, milling machines, welding, carpentry and electrical shops with general vehicle repair and service facilities (most of the equipment observed were installed by the Russians and although equipment in place none was seen actually operational, general condition good).


2 x 160 KVA – Perkins diesel engine / owned by the Port.

1 x 300 KVA – Cummings diesel engine / supplied by UNDP.

They are used in scheduled shifts and provide power to the port for about 20 hours per day.

Weigh Bridge

Near the Port exit and administration/customs building; electronic digital weighbridge with 40-ton capacity, observed although not seen in use.

Ship Supplies

Fresh Water: supplied at commercial berths by mobile tankers. No water barge available.

Fuel: supplied at commercial berths by mobile tankers from oil terminal.

Fruits, Vegetables, Livestock Fodder: available from commercial sources through ship chandlers

Update: Unknown | Source: Logistics Cluster

Port tariffs:


Pilotage fees

GT x US$ 0.04  per operation

Tug Services

GTx US$ 0.06  per operation

Mooring Services

Pilotage fees

GT x US$ 0.04  per operation

Tug Services

GTx US$ 0.06  per operation

Mooring Services

Port and Harbour dues 

Vessel Description (rate = 100 GRT or part thereof Charge (indicate currency)
All vessels other than those exempted GT x US$ 0.08

Discharge Rates 

Discharges Rates (MT/Day) Bulk Bagged
to WFP warehouse N/A $2.5
to trucks N/A $3.5
to rail-wagons N/A N/A
to barges N/A $7.20
to bagging N/A


Discharges Rates (MT/Day) Per hr in port/$ Per hr outside/$
Up to & including 5 tonne 5.80 11.60
Over 5 tonnes 8.40 16.80
Cranes up to 5 tonnes 18.10 36.20
Cranes over 5 tonnes 32.10 64.20
Cranes over 10 tonnes 49.30 98.05

Port Costs 

Cargo Handling
Shift – Week 18-22 hrs/day 3.50 US$
Shift – Weekend Closed Friday hrs/day 3.50 US$


Other Costs
Cost for clearance 2
THC (Terminal Handling Charges) 7
Storage 0.4
Container Handling Costs 20 ft 100
Container Handling Costs 40 ft 200
  • There is a port tax charged to all vessels of $2 per tonne
  • Anchorage tax is charged at $0.7 per metre
  • Pilot fees up to 2000tons $75 per operation
  • Port dues for all vessels $200 per operation

Source: Port Manager, Engineer Ali Omer Mohamed

Dockage, Buoyage and Anchorage

Vessel Description (rate = per Meter/Hour) Charge (indicate currency)
Vessels at quays, wharves or jetties US$ 2.00 per meter per day
Vessels at buoys or Ro-Ro vessels berthed stern to quay N/A
Vessels at anchorage; except at Port Convenience US$ 0.70 per meter per day


Hire of Labour and Equipment

Service (Per hour of part thereof) Charge (indicate currency)
Floating Crane, incl. of minimum crew and exclusive of towage N/A
Mobile Crane more than 5 tonnes inclusive of driver US$ 3.00 per MT
Mobile Crane less than 5 tonnes or equal inclusive of driver US$ 3.00 per MT
VIP launch inclusive of crew N/A
Pilot boat inclusive of crew US$ 43.00 per trip
Fire appliance inclusive of minimum crew N/A
Tipper truck or flatbed lorry inclusive of driver N/A
Forklift or Tractor more than 5 tonnes inclusive of driver US$ 3.00 per MT / US$ 50.00 per container
Forklift or Tractor less than 5 tonnes or equal of inclusive of driver US$ 3.00 per MT / US$ 50.00 per container
Van, Pick-up or Saloon Car inclusive of driver N/A
Management or supervisory staff N/A
Skilled staff: e.g. Crane or Forklift Driver, Artisan, Firemen or Clerk N/A
Semi-skilled staff: e.g. Labourers, Watchman N/A

Shore Handling: Containerised Cargo 

There are approximately 5 shipping agents/companies available for operation in Berbera Somaliland.

All fees are generally negotiable and dependent on importer and on volume. Most of these have no storage facilities available although they will inform you that they can facilitate storage locally.

Generally due to lack of Port equipment and storage facilities the ships gear is used to offload directly onto lorries, which has already been cleared through customs by the agent or transporter. Goods are then taken to nearby storage facilities or transported to the final destination.

Charges vary on quantity and on destination but are normally as follows:

Ship to warehouse in area: $14 per metric ton
Transported to other destination: $0.13 – 0.17 per ton/km outside port town
Local transport $2.5 per ton
Truck offloading $2.5 per ton
Administration charges (c&f) 5% ad valorem
Re-bagging 1% ad valorem
Customs overtime $0.2 per ton
Liners free offloading


Hatch to shore $3.5 per ton
Pier to truck $3.5 per ton
Handling charges $2.0 per ton

Source: Yassin Shipping, Clearance & Contracting Co.

General Services

Service (Per day of part thereof) Charge (indicate currency)
Bagging plant operators, per unit of plant N/A (WFP has current equipment placed in Berbera on contract agreement with portserv. 3 Units
Vacuvators, per unit of plant N/A
Bunker Supplier (Total) Price on Application
Bunker Agent N/A
Barge operator, per barge N/A
Fresh Water suppliers (road tankers) US$ 6.00 per MT
Ship Contractors N/A
Ship Chandlers Not official
Safety equipment supplier & service N/A
Marine Contractors N/A
Scrap Metal Dealers N/A
Ship Watchmen Supplier Through shipping agent – US$ 32
Marine Engineer N/A
Marine Surveyor N/A
Ship Surveyor N/A
Sludge Collector N/A
Small Boat Operator N/A

Port Cargo Handling Equipment

Appliances Quality Capacity
Travelling cranes N/A
Portal Electric cranes N/A
Electric overhead electric cranes N/A
Gantry container cranes N/A
Mobile Cranes 5 15 MT up to 70 MT
Forklift Trucks 6 3 MT up to 15 MT
2 35 MT
Tractors 2
Fire engines 2

Containerized cargo

All below based on general cargo

Containerized Cargo Handling Charges TEUs FEUs
Discharge, loading, shifting within the hold or shifting on deck without landing US$ 158 US$ 308
Containers handled via conventional ship US$ 158 US$ 308
Containers handled on a Ro-Ro basis US$ 158 US$ 308
Empty containers On application On Application
Transshipment containers, overland containers, containers shipped & re-landed or landed & re-shipped or shifted from hold to hold On application On application


Shore Handling charges Charge (indicate currency)
Ten day removal charges, or transfer within the Port, or

transfer to Customs

On Application
Import Containers handled at the Inland Container Depots On Application
Exports Containers handled at the Inland Container


On Application


Shore Handling Charges TEUs FEUs
Import containers See containerized cargo
Export containers See containerized cargo
Stripping and re-stuffing for customs verification See containerized cargo
Stripping and re-stuffing for un-nominated or shut out export cargo See containerized cargo
Stripping or re-stuffing of containers taken to customs warehouse See containerized cargo
Stripping or Stuffing of Containers TEUs FEUs
Stripping or stuffing US$ 54 US$ 108
Stripping and re-stuffing transshipment cargo US$ 2.50 per CM US$ 2.50 per CM

Other container handling services

Other Container Handling Charges TEUs FEUs
Storage of import empty containers from two days after US$ 0.40 warehouse US$ 0.80 warehouse
Arrival of empty export containers from date of offloading US$ 0.25 open area US$ 0.50 open area
Storage of full import containers from date of arrival After 15 days US$ 5 per day US$ 10 per day

Update: Unknown | Source: Logistics Cluster

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