EMAA is conscious of the tremendous responsibilities that has been entrusted to the organization by the nation to meet the objectives and expectations of the country in providing to it one of its great national assets, a successful and respected maritime industry. It is the expectation that the maritime industry will be self-sufficient, capable of assisting in providing jobs and raising the overall standard of living of Ethiopian society.

EMAA has adopted the system approach to achieve the national aspirations and set itself a vision to be implemented over the coming 10 years. This vision leads to the policy statement for EMAA.

The larger all-encompassing national vision is to create a large middle class replacing those below the poverty line. It is the vision of the Maritime Authority to provide excellent maritime services to fulfill this national vision.

EMAA’s vision will be updated and changed by the leadership on directives of the Transport ministry and the 5 year plans. Some of the vital items in this vision are:

  1. To ensure maritime accessibility and mobility of the people and goods both in the domestic waters and in the international waters.
  2. To integrate into the national plans for the development of multi modal transportation by providing world class maritime organization and service second to none.
  3. To widen market opportunities in the maritime sector by providing exceptionally efficient, cost effective, safe, secure and environmentally compliant service.
  4. To efficiently regulate the Ethiopian maritime fleet on an appropriate framework compliant with legal and institutional arrangements.
  5. Be the reliable advisor on maritime matters for the Ministry of Transportation and to provide timely inputs, suggestions and draft regulations related to the maritime transportation.
  6. To emphasize the resources for the implementation of the policy including human, technological and IT infrastructure.
  7. To provide for the expansion of dry port infrastructure in the country.
  8. To use the system based approach based on international standards to ensure efficiency, security, and environmental protection and to create an environment of social responsibility in all maritime operations.
  9. To create efficient support services for both the national and international Ethiopian vessels.
  10. Provide necessary arrangements for SAR (Search and Rescue) and be recognized as a lead, reliable and efficient ship registry in the world.