The Ethiopian Logistics Community of Practice (ELCoP) was established in June 2017 as a forum of stakeholders working in logistics services and operations in Ethiopia. ELCoP accountable to Ethiopia Maritime affairs authority and pursues objectives, as hereunder listed:

  • To be a forum where logistical problems and proposed solutions are examined and serve as a mechanism where such problems and proposed solutions are presented to the Government;
  • To represent the interests of members through coordination, evaluation, promotion and communication throughout the different logistics channel;
  • To provide inputs on draft laws, regulations and directives affecting logistics operations and services;
  • To ensure a healthy logistics climate throughout the country business environment;
  • To ensure and advise on the nature and contents of education and training programs in logistics in order to facilitate the optimum synergy between such programs and the logistics of the country;
  • To promote a healthy communication structure and atmosphere regarding all logistics related aspects such as operational efficiencies, cost and time of logistics in principle, legislation, and regulatory items as well as the bearing on the performance of business within the industry.

To learn more about LCoP address LCoP directive.