Modjo Logistics Hub

Ethiopia Trade Logistics Project (P156590)
Modjo Logistics Hub

The objective of this project is to enhance the performance of the Ethio-Djibouti corridor through improvements in operational capacity, efficiency, and range of logistics services at the Modjo Dry Port. The project will achieve this through investments in physical infrastructure, ICT systems, and support for regulatory improvements to increase exports, raise incomes of producers and traders, and generate jobs.

The project development objective (PDO) level indicators will be

(a) increase of annual throughput at Modjo (total tons) – capacity,
(b) increase in productivity at Modjo (moves per hour) – efficiency,
(c) reduced dwell time of containers at Modjo Dry Port – efficiency,
(d) increase in number of export containers stuffed in the Modjo facility (reduction in number of containers returning empty) – range of logistics services

The project comprises a mix of public infrastructure at the Modjo Dry Port,
coordinated with targeted investment in ICT and regulatory and administrative reforms that
improve the efficiency and coordination of logistics facilities and services. The project will also support institutional capacity building to ensure effective implementation and sustainability.

Component 1: Improvement of infrastructure at Modjo (US$120 million)
Component 2: Enhancing coordination through investments in IT systems (US$15 million)
Component 3: Regulatory and institutional capacity support (US$15 million)