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EMAA is conscious of the tremendous responsibilities that has been entrusted to the organization by the nation to meet the objectives and expectations of the country in providing to it one of its great national assets, a successful and respected maritime industry. It is the expectation that the maritime industry will be self-sufficient, capable of assisting in providing jobs and raising the overall standard of living of Ethiopian society. SEE MORE…..


The Policy of the Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA) aligns to the National Transport Policy and the Growth and Transformation Plan (5 Year Plan) in as much as it concerns the maritime industry.

EMAA is committed to the maritime industry contributing to the Ethiopian economy and in reduction of poverty by providing world class, competent and timely maritime services ensuring:  SEE MORE……


EMAA will set achievable measurable goals for the Maritime Administration. Towards this end the existing statistical data in Ethiopia and the historical international data for the following will be ascertained:

  1. To plan, coordinate and enforce requirements so they result in the transport operations and movement of goods in import and export sectors becoming more economical.
  2. To reduce waste and cut costs by better coordination with the concerned government bodies.
  3. To seek ways and means for the promotion and development of marine transport.
  4. Ensure the availability of uninterrupted resource of skilled man power in the maritime sector for the country.
  5. To implement obligations and rights of Ethiopia under international maritime conventions.

Further it is the objective of the Director assisted by his Deputy that all departments at EMAA are organized, re-organized (where required) to run EMAA in an efficient well organized manner resulting in:  SEE MORE…